The power of a KISS

Is it possible for a person to become so emotionally attached to another person, that without physical contact with the other, they can know that the other is miserable? Is it possible that an emotion like LOVE can bring such a deep physical and spiritual connection between two people?

Recently I learned of a couple who are so attached to each other that if the man is having a bad day, before he can go home to tell his wife, she calls him to give him encouragement to help him have a better day. She feels his pain, happiness, joy and sadness no matter the distance between them  and he feels the same way about her. If he is having a bad day at work, all it takes to make him feel better is one kiss from her. Just one kiss? They are so attached that just a kiss from her makes things better for him.

I have never heard of anything quiet like this. The type of connection was impossible for me to understand or believe when I first heard of it until I met the couple in person. When I was in their presence, I could actually feel the LOVE. With their permission, I followed them around just to prove to myself that it was not a hocks. I notice that when he picked up the phone to call her, the phone would ring and it would be her calling him. If either of them had a bad day, just the physical connection seemed to be enough make them feel better.

Since meeting them I have made it my duty to ask other couples if this is the same in their relationship. What I have observed is that in situations where they say they LOVE each other, while in their presence, you feel the LOVE. I was also told that the sex in those relationships ( even after 10 years) always feel like it is their first time together. While in other situations there is nothing there, even though the couples claim to LOVE each other. Sex in those relationships are just routine.

Can your LOVE for another person really be so tangible, that if that person is depressed with just a kiss, you can make them feel better? Not a French kiss, just an ordinary kiss. Is that the type of LOVE poets talk about? How do we all get that kind of love in our relationships? Isn’t that the type of relationship we all should strive for? JUST ONE KISS FROM YOU AND MY WORLD IS OKAY?

What do you think?

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